Saturday, 14 November 2009

Friday, the 13th

An awful day, friday the 13th. I first take part in a sport contest, being a part of my school team. We lost it, though we ran faster than anybody, we jumped more and threw with the ball more than the other kids which took part. One bad luck. Second one? You can bet we have. One of my classmates was given a bad rating at school. And the things can continue, but persnay I can say that I didn`t have such a bad lucky day. I hope though, that this date won`t come again. xD

Love, Alexa

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Handmade stuff :>

Hi ! <3 I`d like t show you my new... notebook, a handmade stuff. Hope you`ll like it :">

A picture taken from above, to see better its form.

This is one of the two covers :D On this part of the notebook I`ll write, as to be seen, my dreams and wishes.

And the second cover, a part of the notebok where I`m going to write about true thing, about 'My Reality'

And something that is out of the subject... A photo of Chicago made while flying in a plane, which makes me dream far away from the place I am now.

Love, Alexa.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

10 Things about myself.

1. Born on the third of december on a snowy tuesday afternoon, I have now brown eyes, medium hair, with a color that can`t be described.

2. I have the best mother, the most worried father, the craziest brother, the most beautiful cousin, the loveliest four grandparents, the greatest aunt and uncle, and the best friends of all.

3. I dream more than anyone and i belive in dreams more than a dreamer. I dream i will fly, i will find my prince charming, i will find a world with no fights and will have my own piece of heaven.

4. If i could do anything I want, I would swim the entire ocean, i would learn every thing that can be learned, i would listen as much music as my ears would rezist, would kiss over and over again my beloved person until my lips wouldn`t be there, i would eat the strangest food from Japan, I would run with a baloon in my hand and et it go when I feel the wind.

5. I want to have a cat as my pet.

6. I want the schools to teach kids how to survive in heaven.

7. I like MJ.

8. I couldn`t do without my cellphone, my computer, my camera, my photos.

9. I like handmade and I`m trying hard to find some time for this.

10. I`m trying to make each day better, each moment unfogettable, each move unique.

Love, Alexa.

Hello ! >:D<

Heya, kids! How are you today ? I suppose you allready know my name... Other thing you gotta know ? I think that is what I am going to write here.Well, well, I guese I will post my handmade stuff, my thoughts about something, photos with me and my friends when we are on school trips and other funny things. Hpe you`ll like it! ^^
Love, Aexa.